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Vinmovers: What We Do

VinMovers is a creator of industry leading internet marketing technologies for auto dealerships. From inventory posting to full CRM lead management, VimMovers leads the market in easy-to-use, turnkey dealer marketing tools and services.

We provide the software, the staffing and the solutions to make marketing your inventory a painless operation. We specialize in inventory based, geo-specific advertising and lead generation.  We help you follow-up and close leads with our email, SMS and voice sales force automation as well as our award winning CRM.

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Hands Free Inventory Posting

Every day millions of people start their search for their next car on the internet. Vinmovers makes sure your inventory is posted to the hottest sites on the web to take advantage of this flood of traffic. We create targeted campaigns daily with the latest feeds from your inventory provider. As you add inventory, we build ads for those exact cars. As you sell a car, those ads are retired so your campaigns are always fresh.

But the most important part is getting those ads in front of buyers. - We advertise your inventory on many of the free advertising sites like Craigslist, Backpage, Oddle and more. We also have a state-of-the-art Google AdWords tool that allows us to manage a highly effective google AdWords campaign.

Best of all, it's hands free to you... We provide the software, the staffing and most importantly the expertise to handle your internet inventory-based ad campaigns.

Lead Generation and Microsites

Posting your inventory to the biggest sites on the internet is only half the battle. Turning these readers into leads and then into buyers is the important part.

We build optimized microsites featuring your current inventory. As people view your inventory they can ask questions or make offers on a specific car. The whole process is geared to stock number specific lead generation. When a lead is captured, within 5 minutes it will go to: your VinMovers CRM, your in-house CRM, your cell phone, your email or anywhere else you want it. - We then follow up on those leads for you with our automated email, text message and voice call system. Sales force automation has never been easier!

All you do is provide us with the name of your feed company, an email address for text leads and another for ADF leads and we do the rest.

VinMovers Automotive CRM

Tracking your leads can hardly be easier with our industry leading CRM.  We provide fast, secure servers and the latest CRM technology.

Our newest version, 2.1, allows you to make custom reports with ease and the new and improved dashboard displays all your important performance metrics in seconds. All your leads from your microsites arrive in your CRM less than 5 minutes after capture... Now that's hot!

No matter where you get your leads, Vin Movers CRM is ready to manage them 24/7. Call us for a free demo.

VinMovers News

Version 2.1 has arrived!

With dozens of new features, better reports and a new improved dashboard, VinMovers CRM dominates the automotive industry. Manage your leads and turn lookers into buyers with our easy-to-use Sales Force Automation tools.
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VinMovers - The Compete Solution

VinMovers is your one stop shop for Auto Dealership internet marketing. Services we provide include:

  • Inventory Based Advertising
  • Inventory Posting
  • Lead Generation
  • Automotive CRM
  • Car Dealer Blogs
  • Dealership SEO

With decades of experience in internet marketing, VinMovers can help you both move units and build your online brand. Contact Us today to see what we can do for you.